Sunday, 19 July 2009

On Being A Bit Too Tired

Today I am a bit too tired to write a proper blog post. My face is also somewhat sunburnt! Those of you who follow me on twitter will know why.

However, I thought I should put something up today, as the blog was crying to me and telling me that it was hungry.

So here are a few multifarious miscellanies for you:

1. My Guitars

2. My Best Shoes

3. Sherry Barrels in Jerez

4. Nicely Ordered Bubbles in the Sink

5. A Glass of Beer on a Window Frame

If I get enough sleep in the meantime, then the next blog post will elaborate on the reasons for my tired & sunburnt state!


  1. I am SOO jealous of those shoes.

    Interesting how the liquid theme of the last three affects our psychology - the sherry looks so tempting, but then you see the bubbles, and suddenly you can't taste sherry or beer for the feel of froth in your mouth!

  2. Dunno why, but the bubbles really said 'Look at me!!!' I did, and I liked what I saw. Nicely done.

  3. Agnieszka - I KNOW you're jealous of the shoes! Thank you SO much for buying them for me :)

    Buck - so glad you like the bubbles. The first time I found bubbles like that in the sink I didn't have a camera that would focus close enough to take a picture and regretted it. Fortunately it happened again when I had a better camera!

    Thanks so much for commenting!