Friday, 31 December 2010

On The Top Ten of 2010

Since it is now almost the end of 2010, I have been looking back on the year. This isn’t really surprising, since lots of people do it!

One of the ways I looked back was to make a list of the ten people on twitter who have been particularly amazing to me this year. They’ve all done something really special, and I’m particularly grateful to them. They’ve made a SIGNIFICANT difference to my life – either by giving me precious things, or by saying something that has been particularly helpful to me, or by helping me in some other special way. I’ve decided to post the list here too – as a way of keeping a record of it so that it doesn’t get lost in the twitter timeline, never to be found again!

Oh, and there is also a “bottom tweeps of the year” list, but since I’m in a good mood, looking forward to a fabulous New Year, and not that sort of person, it will remain in my head, never to be typed. Focusing on the GOOD things in the world and the wonderful generosity that characterizes so much of humanity is a much better plan I think!

So, here are the tweets, as I tweeted them:

Many many of you twitterlings have been utterly wonderful to me in 2010! There are too many to mention you all individually but many thanks!

However, I have selected ten people, who have been exceptionally generous, kind & wonderful and who have helped me so very very much!

These are my #TopTenOfTen, and although there are several more I could have included, these 10 have been amazing!

1 @linda1966 whose generosity has meant nearly a year of tweets on the move, and who is a lovely lovely lady in real life! #TopTenOfTen

2 @codyjames77 who cared for me and understood on the blackest day of the year, and whose book The Dead Beat was fabulous! #TopTenOfTen

3 @MarDixon who helped me to stop wasting my life, who collected my trombone, who is an amazing Mom and the epitome of COOL! #TopTenOfTen

4 @Orchid99 who showed me how life is what we make it, rekindled my love of listening to music & gave me permission to grow up! #TopTenOfTen

5 @5357311 who got me back into flumpophoning and cacti, who broadens my repertoire, and with whom I shall play music in 2011! #TopTenOfTen

6 @awoollyhat who entrusted her precious and beautiful Dexter to our care. We love you Hat and we love Dex with all our hearts! #TopTenOfTen

7 @novawildstar who UNDERSTANDS constantly. Who knows how things are, who I am determined to meet in 2011. *hug* #TopTenOfTen

8 @pbiggs who came to our rescue when we were stuck in the snow. Who made C'mas for us and who constantly helps with computers! #TopTenOfTen

9 @Scharwenka with whom I published a book in 2010! He stuck by me through the blackest of times & is the best best friend EVER #TopTenOfTen

10 @agnieszkasshoes Truly a WONDERspouse! The man is a marvel. How he is still here loving me & still standing I'll never know! #TopTenOfTen

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